Meet The Team


Howdy. My name is Viktoria and I’m the person behind this website. It took me a long time to understand what I want to do in life but finally here I am, doing what I love.  I’d be honored to create something amazing for you that will help your business grow.


One of my biggest dreams right now would be a RV. Exploring every corner of the United States with my own mobile house.​


Don’t tell Viktoria I said this, but I really do most of the work around here. I just let her pretend she’s in charge. I’m constantly emitting creative vibes to aid in the design process. I also run the day to day business operations. It’s exhausting. Here’s my partial resume.

  • Marital Status: Single, but super cute so the gentlemens are all over me.
  • Education: Online classes and the street life.
  • Special Skills:Chasing bunnies & helping with Viktorias diet..

Intruders chased away


Wet kisses


Happiness brought